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Hey! "a hip hippie in a new body" if I would say! A Jack of all trades, who loves a joke. :) Communication, bridge builder and to inspire is my second nature. Communication in my work, in my sports, in music, in photos and in the trips that I make. Bridge builder derogating sometimes even of his way to motivate and help others. I understand the power of gratitude.
My two great passions are (travel)photography and film, it doesn't matter what kind of film. ;) It gives me heaps of energy! With photography it's different. At the right time, in the right place, anyone can do it! That makes photography so much fun, looking for thé perfect picture!
I'm artistically engaged for years. Basically, I love every camera lens. But film and TV have quite caught my attention the last four years! This has led to small parts, spoken-configuration and configuration roles for various films, series, and producers. My energy goes through the roof with these kinds of jobs! :)